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CastOfCharacters is a group dedicated the original and fan characters of porcelian-doll/Queen-of-Color It features art depicting any and all of them. All mediums are accepted to the group. Anything mature will be tagged as such.

:bulletred: All submissions must contain the characters of porcelian-doll/Queen-of-Color. You can submit art with other characters as long as they contain at least one of PD's characters.
:bulletorange: Please try to submit to the correct folder. Feel free to ask if you need help.
:bulletyellow: There is no limit on submission as long as they have the required characters.
:bulletgreen: No art theft! Please credit your bases, references, etc.
:bulletblue: Mature content is allowed as long as it is tagged.
:bulletpurple: Any questions should be referred to the Q&A journal.
:bulletpink: Be nice and have fun! :3








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Updated: 5/12/2014

Here is a list of all my characters. I will be keeping it up to date as I make more and finish their visual and text references.

This also a reference for myself and I guess any who is interested in drawing my characters. Which by the way is totally fine with me so if you have a original or fan character and you want to draw them with mine that is cool with me. :la:

* Muses *
Hasu; Spirit, female, muse.
Usa; Android, female, muse.
Vitrium Rosa; Doll, female, muse.
Yumi; Android, male, muse.

* Anima Guardians *
Leetah; Snow Leopard, Siberia, female.
Zania; African Lion, Africa, female.
Ilori; African Lion, Africa, male.
Xiao Ming; Red Panda, China, female.
Tianna; Ring-tailed Lemur, Madagascar, female.
Gwyn; White Shark, South Africa, female.
Mirari; Ocelot, female.
Ohtli; Melanistic Jaguar, male.
Yu Jie; Indochinese Tiger, Mongolia, male.
Anjali; Bengal Tiger, Bengal, female.
Sen; Koi, Japan, female.

* Dreaming Demons *
Midori; Demon, female, temptress.

* Genies of the Desert Jewels *
Saphira; Dijin, female, trickster.
Esmerelia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Amberlia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Diamalia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Diopsia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Amethesia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Opali; Dijin, female, trickster.
Taariq; Human, male, sultan.
Aaliyah; Human, female, princess.

* Kiss of Fire *
Abrielle Dubois/elle Phenix; Shape-shifter; female, student/magical girl.
Eren; Phoenix, male, companion.

* Midnight Endeavors *
Brianna Godfrey; Vampire, female, enforcer.
Alexander Cromwell; Vampire, male, coven leader.
Nathan Hendricks; Vampire, male, enforcer.
Sophie Frey; Vampire, female, tech support/hacker.
Billy Frey; Demon, male, pet.
Tony Trevino; Vampire, male, adviser.
Cassandra Sedgewick; Vampire, female.
Justin Berlet; Human, male, pet.
Caleb Fischer; Vampire, male, assistant.
Timalthia; Fairy, female, sidekick.
Trevor McRoy; Vampire, male, coven leader.
Heather McRoy; Vampire, female, adviser.
Georgia McRoy; Demon, female, pet.
Charlotte Dubois; Vampire, female, club owner/coven leader.
Layla; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Cree; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Jolie; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Miru; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Lyn; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Bonnie; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Patrick Hennisy; Werewolf, America, male, ex-football player, alpha of the SA pack.
Caroline Scudamore; Human, America, female, hunter.
Elizabeth Daweson; Human, America, female, witch/healer.
Miranda de Luca; Vampire, Italian, female, coven leader.

* Pretty Pretty Neko *
Chloe; Neko, female, mascot.

* Shadows and Spirits *
Gabrielle Castillo; Human, female, necromancer/witch.
Adelio Castillo; Ghost, male, companion.
Dominic Herrera; Human, male, confectioner/magician.
Avery Garnier; Human, female, artist/witch.
Mitzi Henderson; Human, female, pastry chef/witch.
Toby Clinton; Werewolf, male, groundskeeper/handyman.
Arianna Clark; Vampire, female, activist.
Anthony de Lupelli; Werewolf, male, doctor.
Marni de Lupelli; Fox Spirit, female, novelist/spiritual healer.
Fiona Morrison; Fox Spirit, female, thief.
Callandra de Lupelli; Werewolf, female, student.
Camilla de Lupelli; Fox Spirit, female, student.
Carmen de Lupelli; Fox Spirit, female, student.
Gilberto de Lupelli; Werewolf, male, student.
Cadenca de Lupelli; Fox Spirit, female.
Nora Brooks; Demon, female, writer.
Karen Bennett; Human, female, student.
Zachery Bennett; Human, male, student.
Josephine Bonnefoy; Uni, female, model.

* Stardust *
Hoshiko Takamura/Super Nova; Seren; female, student/magical girl/Princess of Serenia.
Sonomi Nishio; Human, female, student.
Akane Nishio/Pulsar; Human, female, student/magical Girl.
Estrellia; Seren; female, Queen of Serenia.
Temujin/Nil; Voidian; male, Lord of the Void.

* Strands of Fate *
Eclipse Kaleiah; Deity, female, trickster/Goddess of Death.
Jeevan Hakim; Deity, male, prophet/God of Life.
Kumari; Deity, female, Goddess of the Sea.
Samiha; Deity, female, Goddess of the Earth.
Dusan; Deity, male, God of the Core.
Saar; Deity, male, God of the Sky.
Asha; Deity, female, Goddess of Time.
Damious Kaleiah; Deity, male, gatekeeper/God of Space.
Asteria Kaleiah; Demi-goddess, female, future Goddess of Light.
Hector Kaleiah; Demi-god, male, future God of Shadows.
Dorian Kaleiah-Hakim; Seidan, male, student.
Destan Kaleiah-Hakim; Deity, male, future God of the Sun.
Ilianya Kaleiah-Hakim; Deity, female, future Goddess of the Moon.
Catori; Dragon, male, guardian.
Ravi; Dragon, male, guardian.
Zoi; Dragon, female, familiar/guardian.
Zeki; Dragon, male, familiar/guardian.
Ruhan; Dragon, male, familiar/guardian.
Pyrali; Phoenix, female, guardian.
Penelope; Phoenix, female, guardian.
Innessa Kaleiah; Demi-goddess, female, oracle.
Olena Kaleiah; Devi, female, chef/retired Kosma Aspida agent.
Cristo Kaleiah; Devi, male, Kosma Aspida grandmaster.
Romulus Kaleiah; Devi,  male, Kosma Aspida agent.
Natalia Kaleiah; Devi, female, student.
Bacchus Kaleiah; Devi, male, bartender/Kosma Aspida agent.
Esme Kaleiah; Magi, female, healer/bartender/Kosma Aspida agent.
Alexia Artino; Devi, female, student/Kosma Aspida agent-in-training.
Cyril Artino; Devi, male, student.
Corene Artino; Devi, female, Kosma Aspida agent.
Phobius Artino; Magi, male, stuntman/actor/Kosma Aspida agent.
Namtar Al Assad; Magi, male, spirit guide, deceased.
Aziya Sisro; Magi, female, sorceress, deceased.
Ideni Hiyan; Magi, female, sorceress/Kosma Aspida agent.
Ezra Asho; Magi, male, Kosma Aspida agent.
Aslin Ura; Magi, female, Kosma Aspida agent.

* Tales of Sidrali *
Oberon Madir; Dwarf, male, King of Madir.
Aireiel Nelésdal; Elf, female, Queen of Madir.
Siegfried Madir; Dwelf, male, Crown Prince of Madir.
Vivian Madir; Dwelf, female, Princess of Madir.
Donaria Madir; Dwelf, female, Princess of Madir.
Emeric Bertok; Gywnion, male, Wizard.
Varrick Dumen; Gywnion, male, wizard.
Lukas Nemu; Gywnion, male, apprentice wizard.
Indra Sinyu; Human, female, guard.
Anirna Falavir; Half-elf, female, bard.
Tanna Falavir; Half-elf, female, herdswoman.
Rodyn Certhas; Human, male, hunter.
Amondil Tinudhen; Elf, male, thief.
Nionanna Tinudhen; Elf, female, druid.
Avani Lennali; Elf, female, druid, Lady of Thalassia.
Iryllia; Centaur, female, sorceress, Lady of Dalania.
Lavan; Centaur, male, warrior, Lord of Dalania.
Thaman Majah; Shade, male, warrior, King of Damek.
Aviva; Fox spirit, female, Spring Guardian.
Behar; Fox spirit, male, Summer Guardian.
Karif; Fox spirit, male, Autumn Guardian.
Yepa; Fox spirit, female, Winter Guardian.
Damia; Deity, female, Mother of Life.
Thrain; Deity, male, Father of Magic.
Palia; Human, female, priestess of Damia.

* A Time of Daegons *
Elenna Pyrremai; Crystal Daegon, female, gem smith/trader.
Orrin Pyrremai; Crystal Daegon, male, metal smith/trader.
Rosalyn Liavarr; Crystal Daegon, female, shrine maiden.
Meria Pyrremai; Crystal Daegon, female, student.
Theo Pyrremai; Crystal Daegon, male, student.
Frey Belcourt; Terra Daegon, male, merchant.
Avielael Ladas; Ember Daegon, female, merchant.
Chael Desai; Serpent Daegon, female, merchant.
Hao Shotsu; Sky Daegon, male, merchant.
Kyoko Hoshimitsu; Water Daegon, female, merchant.
Maylin Ye; Water Daegon, China, female, merchant.
Viggo Hanson; Ember Daegon, Iceland, male, merchant.

* A War of Roses *
Evangeline Tremaine; Etherian, female, apprentice witch/Princess of Rozalia.
Alastair; Etherian, male, wizard/King of Rozalia.
Solaria; Etherian, female, witch.

* Wish Upon a Star *
Sitara; Sky Unicorn, female, star catcher/wish granter.
Sadafa; Horned Fox, female, thief.
Orphee; Starwinged Goat, female, traveler.

* Weapons and Webcasts *
Kory Stryker/Hollow; Human, female, mercenary/animal caretaker.
Sadie Parker; female, toxicologist/animal caretaker.
Nicole Stryker; Human, female, student.
Jackson Stryker; Human, male, hitter.
Kelly Stryker; Human, female,
Taylor Stryker; Human, male, hacker.
David Stryker; Human, male, sniper.

* Unicorn Tales *
Iris Hayes; Uni, Ireland, female, student/magical girl.
Kiandra Hayes; Uni, Ireland, female, student/magical girl.
Tynan Cerena; Uni, Hungary, female, student/magical girl.

Fan Characters

* Adventure Time *
Kitty Witch Princess/Nyania; MagiCat person, female, Princess of the Magi Kingdom.

* Assassin’s Creed *
Marcello Cassius; Human, female, assassin/former gladiator.
Elysia Floriane; Human, female, noble/assassin.
Asyu Turan; Human, female, healer/assassin.
Gustav Halvorson; Human, male, former Templar/assassin.
Katalin Galli; Human, female, assassin.
Giselle Ariane L'Enfant; Human, female, assassin.
Heath Redford; Human, male, assassin/cowboy.
Anastacia Santiago; Human, female, assassin/pirate.
Edom; Merperson, male, fisherman.
Naiara Santiago; Human/Merperson, female, assassin.
Frida Halasz; Human, female, assassin.
Annalise Halasz; Human, female, assassin.
Octavian Bruun; Human, male, assassin.
Esteban Halasz; Human, male, student.
Chiharu Soto; Human, female, student/assassin.

* Avatar: the Last Airbender *
Kaiki; Firebender, female, healer/dragon caretaker/old mother.
Unmei; Firebender, female, scholar.
Hanabi; Firebender, female, warrior.
Kesu; Nonbender, male, warrior.
Hinode; Firebender, male, Sun Warrior Chief.
Nebukai; Earthbender, male, animal tamer.
Hayase; Waterbender, female, healer.
Otama; Waterbender, male, fisherman.
Hasu; Earthbender, female, florist.

* Harry Potter *
Cecilia Callaghan; Half-Selkie, female, student/witch.

* Harvest Moon *
Clover Reid; Human, female, farmer/rancher/former florist.
Sedge Reid; Human, male, student.
Lily Reid; Human, female.

* Hetalia Axis Powers *
Nakita Petrov/Antarctica; Personification, female, scientist/activist.
Marlene Jones/Texas; Personification, female, cattle rancher.

* Inu-yasha *
Junpei; Kitsune daiyokai, male, Lord of the South.
Momoko; Kitsune daiyokai,female, Lady of the South.
Hotaru; Kitsune daiyokai, male, heir.
Shinjiro; Kitsune daiyokai, male, bodyguard.
Hanako; Human, female, assassin.
Akari; Phoenix, female, adviser.
Li Ming; Neko yokai, female, servant.

* Kingdom Hearts *
Tamami Miamoto; Human, female, adventurer.
Sayuri Miamoto; Human, female, keyblade master.
Aiko Miamoto; Human, female, adventurer/student.

* Legend of Korra *
Diya; Firebender, female, ballerina/waitress.
Nuri; Firebender, female, tea shop owner.
Liko; Earthbender, male, jeweler/delivery boy.
Zada; Waterbender, female, ballerina.
Arum; Firebender, male, Sun Warrior Chief.
Xia; Firebender, female, dragon Caretaker.
Haku; Firebender, male, Sun Warrior/chief-in-training.
Aliya; Firebender, female, Sun Warrior.

* Legend of Zelda *
Nura/Mirror Sword; Sword Spirit, 'female', companion.
Azhar/Mirror Shield; Shield Spirit, 'male', companion.
Zephyra/Tempest Sword; Sword Spirit, 'female', companion.
Faulkn Halin; Hylian, male, teacher/sorcerer.
Corvin Tergar; Hylian, male, knight/teacher.
Aloon Tinean; Hylian, male, knight/cartographer.
Coroaline Ladra; Hylian, female, knight.
Lillian Redric; Hylian, female, knight/seamstress.
Melody Adun; Hylian, female, ghost hunter.
Sierra Leydo; Hylian, female, thief.
Boreas Vidan; Hylian, male, blacksmith/former knight.
Jint; Twili, female, jester.
Maia Vidan; Hylian, female.
Akram Casla; Hylian-Gerudo, male, knight.
Janli Kessa; Hylian, female, gemsmith/shopkeeper.
Jamis Kessa; Hylian, male, bombmaker/shopkeeper.
Inaya Tahan; Hylian, female, bartender/apprentice pastry chef.
Kalin; Zora, female, shopkeeper.
Imani; Gerudo, female, thief/archery instructor.
Tzila; Sheikah, female, messenger/scout.
Emera; Hylian, female, ranch hand/sage.
Zarifa; Gerudo, female, dancer/thief.
Ronan; Hylian, male, King of Hyrule.
Ramia; Hylian, female, Queen of Hyrule.
Relena; Hylian, female, Princess of Hyrule/Queen of the Gerudo.
Theron; Hylian, male, Captain of the King's Guard.
Anagim; Hylian, male, King's Adviser.
Fatimah; Geruddo, female, Ganondorf's Second in Command.
Zaila; Gerudo, female, Princess of the Gerudo.
Juban; Whale, male, Patron God of the Zora.
Nahal; Zora, male, King of the Zora.
Rutari; Zora, female, Princess of the Zora.
Chelan; Zora, male, Zora Guard.
Tarin/Deku Tree; Deku, male, Patron God of the Kokiri.
Todo; Kokiri, male, Forest Child.
Tello; Kokiri, male, Forest child.
Adem; Human, male, fisherman, village chief.
Teva; Hylian, female, village healer.
Pyralis; Rock, male, Patron God of the Goron.
Cor Eagon; Goron, male, Elder of the Goron people.
Dolan; Goron, male, Blacksmith.
Calla; Hylian, female, witch, potion maker.
Orphenio; Hylian, male, postman, musician.
Elian; Hylian, male, sorcerer.
Shyam; Sheikah, male, shaman.
Aria; Fairy, female, Great Fairy of Mountain.
Safara; Fairy, female, Great Fairy of the Volcano.
Inara; Fairy, female, Great Fairy of the Desert.
Amaya; Fairy, female, Great Fairy of the Lake.
Iria; Fairy, female, Queen of the Fairies.

* Marvel Universe *
Eria Thorsdóttir/Thunderfrost; Aesir/Jotun, female, princess/superhero.
Soren Thorson; Aesir/Jotun, male, prince.
Brynja Eerosdóttir; Aesir, female, guard/superhero.
Gala Olinsdóttir; Aesir, female, guard/superhero.
Rasmus Gilison; Aesir, male, guard/superhero.
Donar Thorson; Human/Aesir, male, prince/superhero.
Halli Stark/Frostbyte; Human/Jotun, female, scientist/superhero.
Jeneve Stark; Human/Jotun, female, student/child model.
Tabitha Leroy/Rosiya; AI, female, assistant/superhero.
Patton Leroy; Human, male, scientist.
Alexei Barton/Blackhawk; Human, male, agent/superhero.
Elliot Rhimes/White Fox; Human, male, agent/superhero.
Lethia Makarios/Seraphina; Mutant, female, superhero.

* Mortal Kombat *
Mimiko Tomoshio; Vampire, female, writer.
Nadia Kata; Mutant; female, Assassin.
Sydney Parker; Human, female, kombatant.
Toasty; Human, male, Special Forces agent.

* My Little Pony *
Crystal Key; Alicorn Pony, female, princess/diplomat.
Desert Dawn; Alicorn Pony, female, princess/architect.
Imperial Lotus; Pegasus Pony, female, princess/diplomat.
Royal Guardian; Alicorn Pony, female, princess/knight.
Stardust Symphony; Alicornequus, female, princess.
Skyline Specter; Alicornequus, female, princess.
Nox; Alicornequus, male, prince.
Midnight Malum; Alicornequus, female, princess.
Evening Jinx; Alicornequus, female, princess.
Neon Cupcake; Unicorn Pony, female, pastry chef.
Star Spectrum; Unicorn Pony, female, arcade owner.
Stargazer Lily; Earth Pony, female, florist/herbalist.
Citrus Kiss; Earth Pony, female, drink maker.
SugarStar; Pegasus Pony, female, assistant.
SweetNote; Pegasus Pony, female, deliverypony.
Fairy Delight; Pegasus Pony, female, confectioner.
Marshmallow Fudge; Earth Pony, female, assistant.
Chocolate Cakepop; Earth Pony, female, assistant.
Triple Berry Supreme; Unicorn Pony, female, pastry chef.
Sprinkle Surprise; Unicorn Pony, female, student.
Neapolitan Cream; Unicorn Pony, female, assistant.
Prism Petal; Panda Pegasus Pony, female, tea shop owner.
Exotic Rose; Panda Earth Pony, female, assistant.
Thunderclap; Unicorn Pony, female, weatherpony.
Kitten Mittens; Kawaii Vampire Pegasus Pony, female, animal shelter manager.
Swedish Fish; Kawaii Vampire Earth Pony, female, animal shelter manager.
Sunset Scroll; Pegasus Pony, female, cartographer/librarian.
Rainbow Tear; Unicorn Pony, female, artist.
Electric Melody; Unicorn Pony, female, student.
Star Shadow; Pegasus Pony, male, student.
Dandelion Whisper; Pegasus Pony, female, student.
Violet Mirage; Pegasus Pony, male, student.
Emril; Dragon, male, assistant.
Opal; Dragon, female, assistant.
Fira; Dragon, female, assistant.
Lazuli; Dragon, male, assistant.

* Pokémon *
Tasha Elliot; Human, female, trainer.
Eve Powers; Human, female, trainer.
Isabella le Fay; Human, female, trainer/Team Plasma Grunt.

* Revolutionary Girl Utena *
Kaori Hamamoto; Human, female, student/duelist.
Hideki Hamamoto; Human, male, student council member/duelist.
Ayame Muto; Human, female, student council member/duelist.

* Sailor Moon *
Manami Asari/Sailor Vulpecula; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Emiko Asari/Sailor Anser; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Yumiko Nagai/Sailor Monoceros; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Ayumi Sato/Sailor Phoenix; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Kaiya Hattori/Sailor Draco; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Aneko Inihara/Sailor Lupus; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Ayako Inihara/Sailor Lepus; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Konane/Sailor Felis; Mau, female, guardian/Sailor Senshi.
Miya Tachibana/Sailor Pegasus; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Hikaru Inoue/Sailor Apus; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Hoshi/Sailor Canis Major; Anubi, female, guardian/Sailor Senshi.
Inari Hino/Sailor Adrestia; Human/Kinmoku, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Makimi Hino/Sailor Harmonia; Human/Kinmoku, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Chiyo Kou/Sailor Panacea; Human/Kinmoku, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Shiori Meiou/Sailor Melinoe; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Callista Asteri/Sailor Castor; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Petra Asteri/Sailor Pollux; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Akemi Natsume/Sailor Pandora; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Manae Kato/Sailor Persephone; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Maki Nakamura/Sailor Athena; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Arisa Hayashi/Sailor Amphitrite; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Niyu Saito/Sailor Ariadne; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Nalini Shukla/Sailor Sahasrara; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Chantal Aragón/Sailor Solar Eclipse; Human, Monaco, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Aveline Bouvier/Sailor Lunar Eclipse; Human, France, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Jingjing/Sailor Neon Panda; Human, Unknown, female, Sailor Animamate/DJ.
Zhen Jiang/Sailor Long; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Li Hua Tian/Sailor Ma; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.

* Sonic the Hedgehog *
Chessie; Cat Mobian, female, DJ.

* Star Wars *
Ty'lynna Ulmec; Togruta, female, dark jedi.

* Steven Universe *
Pink Diamond; Gem, female, Crystal Gem.

* Super Mario Bros. *
Cream Sorbet; Human, female, Princess of the Sherbet Kingdom.
Chimere Nuage; Human, female, Princess of the Dream Cloud Kingdom.
Candy Flossianna; Human, female, Princess of the Fairy Floss Kingdom.
Peppermint Chip; Human, male, Prince of the Ice Cream Kingdom.

* Team Fortress 2 *
Eileen Hoffman; Human, female, Red Engineer.
Donna Lewis; Human, female, Red Sniper.
Claire Moreau; Human, female, Red Spy.
Derek Evans; Human, male, Red Sniper.
Brian Conagher; Human, male, Red Engineer.
Pierre Dupont; Human, male, Blu Spy.
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