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CastOfCharacters is a group dedicated the original and fan characters of theRainbowOverlord/Queen-of-Color It features art depicting any and all of them. All mediums are accepted to the group. Anything mature will be tagged as such.

:bulletred: All submissions must contain the characters of theRainbowOverlord/Queen-of-Color. You can submit art with other characters as long as they contain at least one of PD's characters.
:bulletorange: Please try to submit to the correct folder. Feel free to ask if you need help.
:bulletyellow: There is no limit on submission as long as they have the required characters.
:bulletgreen: No art theft! Please credit your bases, references, etc.
:bulletblue: Mature content is allowed as long as it is tagged.
:bulletpurple: Any questions should be referred to the Q&A journal.
:bulletpink: Be nice and have fun! :3








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Bri's OC/FC Shipping Masterlist

Mon Feb 29, 2016, 2:27 PM


Figured I'd post a simple cheat sheet for ships with my characters.
If there is a question mark then the ship is still being discussed/decided on.

Please note that most of the names link back to outdated sheets. They will be updated throughout my project. ;w;
Also not all my character partners have sheets either. >3>

If a character is not on this list they are single and open to being paired up. And if you are interested in let me know now or after I pose their updated sheet!

You can find my unshipped characters in my reference folders:

Though not all my newer characters are in there. They are mentioned in this list tho:
Bri's Character Masterlist - WIPLast Updated: 2/29/2016
So this is the masterlist of all my characters both old and new, non-human character such as MLP ponies, SugarFoxes, Unicats, etc will be listed in a separate masterlist to be posted at a later date. It took my a little under a week to write all this stuff up so please be patient with how long it takes me to fill it up with links. QwQ
All my characters are listed here, however only the ones that have revised/new sheets have links to them. The un-linked characters are still in progress one way or another, be it an bio needs to be written, a sheet needs to be drawn, etc.
You can always find the old and out of date sheets in my character reference folder.
As you can tell it will be taking me forever and a half to fill this up with revised sheets and stuff. But I'm slowly making progress. QwQ
Have fun reading through this monstrosity of a list and if you hav

* Means the ship either already has children of some kind or their children are being concepted.

If I missed anyone leave me a comment!

Amora  x hellcat-siya's ???
Aurora x hellcat-siya's ???
Brielle x SkittleBittle's Ren *
Emerald x themaunster's Snow Quartz *
Iris x hellcat-siya's ???
Naomi x Ashuri's ???
Prisma x hellcat-siya's ???

Mikael x themaunster's Nameless
Rosa x hellcat-siya's ???
Usa x Yumi

Adventure Time
Bast x Manx *
Nyania x themaunster's Yuri *

Anima Guardians
Ilori x Zania
Iryna x Leetah
Jai Li x Yu Jei
Mirari x Ohtli *
Sen x Ashuri's Nereus

Assassin's Creed
Anastacia x Edom *
Annalise x Octavian *
Asyu x Vidor *
Elysia x Marcello *
Frida x AshleyMeagan's Alec Holm *
Fritz x Katalin *
Giselle x AshleyMeagan's Jean Cavelie Ruisseau *
Gustav x AshleyMeagan's Thyrie Sviendotter *
Lixue x AshleyMeagan's Hangchen *

Avatar: the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra
Arum x Xia *
Diya x Liko *
Hanabi x Kesu *
Hasu x Otama *
Hayase x Nebukai *
Hinode x Kaiki *
Kosua x Unmei *
Kyosuke x Tokimi *
Shang x Xue *

DC Universe
Luna x Yah'aria

Dragon's Call
Akamu Tiaz x Keani x Leilani Cha'or *
Ditiea Liavarr x Halleio Liavarr
Elenna x Orrin *
Hao x Maylin *

Dreaming Demons
Aoki x Midori

Harry Potter
Cecilia x Jasper *
Declan x Ashuri's Sage Nightshade *
Opal x ???

Harvest Moon
Azalea Evans x Popuri (wife in the More Friends of Mineral Town verse)
Azalea Evans x Celia (wife in the Another Wonderful Life verse)
Azalea Evans x Eve (wife in the Magical Melody verse)
Azalea Evans x Harvest Goddess (wife in DS Cute verse)
Azalea Evans x Luna (wife in the first Tree of Tranquility verse)
Azalea Evans x Selena (wife in the second Tree of Tranquility verse)
Azalea Evans x Sephia (wife in the first Animal Parade verse)
Azalea Evans x Vivi (wife in the second Animal Parade verse)
Azalea Evans x Georgia (wife in the Tale of Two Towns verse)
Azalea Evans x Witch Princess (wife in the Island of Happiness/Sunshine Islands verses)
Azalea Evans x Emiko (wife in the Grand Bazaar verse)
Azalea Evans x Michelle (wife in the first A New Beginning verse)
Azalea Evans x Iroha (wife in the second A New Beginning verse)
Azalea Evans x Agate (wife in the Story of Seasons verse)
Azalea Evans x April (wife in the Lost Valley verse)
Azalea Evans x Alice (wife in the Rainbow Rhythm verse)
Clover x Gray (husband in the More Friends of Mineral Town verse) *
Clover x Marlin (husband in the Another Wonderful Life verse) *
Clover x Blue (husband in the Magical Melody verse) *
Clover x Kai (husband in DS Cute verse) *
Clover x Calvin (husband in the first Tree of Tranquility verse) *
Clover x Owen (husband in the second Tree of Tranquility verse) *
Clover x Ignis (husband in the first Animal Parade verse) *
Clover x Gale (husband in the second Animal Parade verse) *
Clover x Mikhail (husband in the Tale of Two Towns verse) *
Clover x Vaughn (husband in the Island of Happiness/Sunshine Islands verses) *
Clover x Angelo (husband in the Grand Bazaar verse) *
Clover x Soseki (husband in the first A New Beginning verse) *
Clover x Amir (husband in the second A New Beginning verse) *
Clover x Reager (husband in the Story of Seasons verse) *
Clover x Hunter (husband in the Lost Valley verse) *
Clover x Timothy Hart (husband in the Rainbow Rhythm verse) *

Hetalia: Axis Powers
Amaryllis Mikos/Santorini x AshleyMeagan's Adelphe
Marlene/Texas x Nakita/Antarctica

Junpei x Momoko x Shinjiro *
Li Ming x themaunster's Sira *

Kingdom Hearts
Tamami x Ashuri's Haru Kazuko *

Kiss of Fire
Abrielle x Eren

Legend of Zelda
Adem Reril x Teva Reril
Aislin Isem x Faris Isem
Akram x Inaya*
Alexander Arrod de Hyrule x Zelia de Hyrule *
Amena Orile x ?
Azhar x Nura
Boreas x hellcat-siya's ??? *
Coroaline x Faulkn*
Ganondorf x Relena Dragmire de Hyrule *
Link x ?
Melody x themaunster's Dyami *
Sierra x themaunster's ???
Tzila x themaunster's Xara *

Marvel Universe
Alexei x Patton
Brynja x aerieyena's Sean Walsh *
Donar x Ashuri's Freya Ragna *
Eria x Rasmus *
Gala x hellcat-siya's ???
Ivar Starvson x Esben Geirson x Halli x Tabitha *
Lethia x LittleAlyce's Melody

Midnight Endeavors
Alexander x ?
Antonio x Cassandra
Billy x Georgia
Brianna x ?
Caleb x Sophie
Charlotte x Miranda
Nathan x ?

Mortal Kombat

Yu Ning x Liang Zhi

My Little Pony
Alice Kingsleigh x Arianstar's Tarrant Hightop
Chocolate Cakepop x Arianstar's Chocolate Muffin
Citrus Kiss x Arianstar's Sour Punch
Crystal Key x Obsidian Sword *
Dandelion Whisper x Arianstar's Minty Pop
Electric Melody x Arianstar's Jade Mirror
Emril X Moondust
Exotic Rose x Prism Petal
Fairy Delight x Arianstar's Sweet Tooth
Iridescent Pearl x Treasure Trove *
Jade Lotus x themaunster's Toxic Mist
Kitten Mittens x Swedish Fish
Marshmallow Fudge x themaunster's Mint Sprinkle
Midnight Malum x Arianstar's Moondust
Neapolitan Cream x themaunster's Rainbow Star
Neon Cupcake x Arianstar's CottonCandy Twist
Nox x Aristanova's Galaxis
Rainbow Tear x Arianstar's Photogenic
Secret Sapphire x themaunster's Sunset Ocean
Skyline Specter x Arianstar's Crafted Myth
Sprinkle Surprise x themaunster's Pastel Star
Star Spectrum x MLP - SweetNote
Stardust Symphony x themaunster's Pyxis
Stargazer Lily x Arianstar's Lullaby
SugarStar x Arianstar's RockStar
Sunset Opal x Arianstar's Mystic
Sunset Scroll x Droolinq-Galaxies's Crystal Sun
Thunderclap x Aristanova's Ixchel
Treasure Chart X Arianstar's Saphire Dusk
Triple Berry Supreme x Arianstar's Scribble
Violet Mirage x Arianstar's Chimera

Eve x Aristanova's Laris
Isabella x themaunster's Fallon
Tasha x Ashuri Miya Atsuko

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Kaori x hellcat-siya's Yuri Kasaki

Sailor Moon
Aneko x hellcat-siya's Sailor Delphinus?
Aveline x Chantal
Ayami x Kaiya
Chiyo x hellcat-siya's Keika Kou *
Hiroshi Yoshida/Zoisite x hellcat-siya's  Awa Kino *
Hokona Hino/Sailor Ceres x hellcat-siya's Kosui Keioh *
Hotaru x Usagi x Helios *
Inari x hellcat-siya's Minoru Suzuki/Jadetite *
Jing Jing x Ashuri's Miu
Kaede Hino/Sailor Vesta x hellcat-siya's Tenrai Tenoh *
Kairi Kino/Sailor Pallas x hellcat-siya's Juristu Kou *
Katsu Yamada/Nephrite x hellcat-siya's Oushi Kino *
Kousagi x Perle *
Makimi x hellcat-siya's Akito Nakamura/Kunzite *
Manami x Ashuri's Airi Yasu
Miya x Yumiko ?
Moriko Kino/Sailor Juno x hellcat-siya's Yuushi Kou *
Nalini x Ashuri's Kamala Avani *
Petra x Ashuri's Astra Kara
Shiori x hellcat-siya's ??? *

Shadows and Spirits
Anthony x Marni *
Dominic x Gabrielle *

Estrellia x Solaris Ceres *
Hoshiko x Sonomi ?

Star Wars
Daleesh Ulmec x Oshela Ulmec *

Strands of Fate
Aetos Leas x Robotmonkeygirl91's Evelyn Varela
Amir Lanal x Ashuri's Elpis
Arianthe x Robotmonkeygirl91's Cora
Arika Kahal x hellcat-siya's Dekel
Asha Tal x Damious Kaleiah *
Bacchus Kaleiah x Esme Kaleiah *
Ciara Henya x Ashuri's Callisto Iole
Corene Artino x Phobius Artino *
Cristo Kaleiah x Olena Kaleiah *
Demitrius Hakim-Kaleiah x Night-Class' Nerina Arvia
Dorian Hakim-Kaleiah x Kaden Alfaro *
Eclipse Kaleiah x Jeevan Hakim *
Ezra Asho x Ashuri's Eleni Dimitra
Ideni Hiyan x Night-Class' Kei Crenn
Innessa Kaleiah x Saar *
Jovan Deud x Ashuri's Cinaed Flaithri
Kesia Hakim-Kaleiah x Ravi Hakim-Kaleiah
Kolya x themaunster's ???
Melia x Ashuri's Aristodemos
Raziya x Thanos *
Romulus x Ashuri's Lyra
Yeva x Ashuri's Andromeda Ismene

Super Mario Bros.

Candy x Gingerbread *
Cream x Peppermint *
Kohana Koizumi x Liang  Lin

Tales of Sidrali
Aireiel xOberon *
Amondil x Lukas
Avani x Siegfried *
Damia x Thrain *
Donaria x Emeric *
Iryllia x Lavan *
Karif x Ashuri's Kiara Shay  *
Rodyn x Tanna

Team Fortress 2
Brian Claire
Derek x Eileen *

Arian x Ashuri's Sigma 5
Blossom x Ashuri's Iridis
Buddha x Ashuri's Amare
Citrus x Ashuri's Sideralis
Ember x Ashuri's Sugar
Evi x Ashuri's Inferna
Moonie x Ashuri's Luna
Panthera x Ashuri's Sapphir
Sanquin x Ashuri's Lapis
Victoria x Ashuri's Volare

Unicorn Tales
Iris x Nyx

War of Roses
Alastair x hellcat-siya's ??? *
Asher Chayne x Gavin Eeldi
Diana x Gaia Lorar ?
Evangeline x Ashuri's Hale
Genevieve x Soloman *
Thyme x themaunster's Adeliana

Weapons and Webcasts
David x hellcat-siya's ???
Kory x Sadie

Template by firstfear
Bases by kawaiihannah & binoftrash
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