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CastOfCharacters is a group dedicated the original and fan characters of porcelian-doll It features art depicting any and all of them. All mediums are accepted to the group. Anything mature will be tagged as such.

Please read the rules before you submit something and we'll let you know.






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Updated: 5/12/2014

Here is a list of all my characters. I will be keeping it up to date as I make more and finish their visual and text references.

This also a reference for myself and I guess any who is interested in drawing my characters. Which by the way is totally fine with me so if you have a original or fan character and you want to draw them with mine that is cool with me. :la:

* Muses *
Hasu; Spirit, female, muse.
Usa; Android, female, muse.
Vitrium Rosa; Doll, female, muse.
Yumi; Android, male, muse.

* Anima Guardians *
Leetah; Snow Leopard, Siberia, female.
Zania; African Lion, Africa, female.
Ilori; African Lion, Africa, male.
Xiao Ming; Red Panda, China, female.
Tianna; Ring-tailed Lemur, Madagascar, female.
Gwyn; White Shark, South Africa, female.
Mirari; Ocelot, female.
Ohtli; Melanistic Jaguar, male.
Yu Jie; Indochinese Tiger, Mongolia, male.
Anjali; Bengal Tiger, Bengal, female.
Sen; Koi, Japan, female.

* Dreaming Demons *
Midori; Demon, female, temptress.

* Genies of the Desert Jewels *
Saphira; Dijin, female, trickster.
Esmerelia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Amberlia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Diamalia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Diopsia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Amethesia; Dijin, female, trickster.
Opali; Dijin, female, trickster.
Taariq; Human, male, sultan.
Aaliyah; Human, female, princess.

* Kiss of Fire *
Abrielle Dubois/elle Phenix; Shape-shifter; female, student/magical girl.
Eren; Phoenix, male, companion.

* Midnight Endeavors *
Brianna Godfrey; Vampire, female, enforcer.
Alexander Cromwell; Vampire, male, coven leader.
Nathan Hendricks; Vampire, male, enforcer.
Sophie Frey; Vampire, female, tech support/hacker.
Billy Frey; Demon, male, pet.
Tony Trevino; Vampire, male, adviser.
Cassandra Sedgewick; Vampire, female.
Justin Berlet; Human, male, pet.
Caleb Fischer; Vampire, male, assistant.
Timalthia; Fairy, female, sidekick.
Trevor McRoy; Vampire, male, coven leader.
Heather McRoy; Vampire, female, adviser.
Georgia McRoy; Demon, female, pet.
Charlotte Dubois; Vampire, female, club owner/coven leader.
Layla; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Cree; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Jolie; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Miru; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Lyn; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Bonnie; Vampire, female, Doomsday Doll.
Patrick Hennisy; Werewolf, America, male, ex-football player, alpha of the SA pack.
Caroline Scudamore; Human, America, female, hunter.
Elizabeth Daweson; Human, America, female, witch/healer.
Miranda de Luca; Vampire, Italian, female, coven leader.

* Pretty Pretty Neko *
Chloe; Neko, female, mascot.

* Shadows and Spirits *
Gabrielle Castillo; Human, female, necromancer/witch.
Adelio Castillo; Ghost, male, companion.
Dominic Herrera; Human, male, confectioner/magician.
Avery Garnier; Human, female, artist/witch.
Mitzi Henderson; Human, female, pastry chef/witch.
Toby Clinton; Werewolf, male, groundskeeper/handyman.
Arianna Clark; Vampire, female, activist.
Anthony de Lupelli; Werewolf, male, doctor.
Marni de Lupelli; Fox Spirit, female, novelist/spiritual healer.
Fiona Morrison; Fox Spirit, female, thief.
Callandra de Lupelli; Werewolf, female, student.
Camilla de Lupelli; Fox Spirit, female, student.
Carmen de Lupelli; Fox Spirit, female, student.
Gilberto de Lupelli; Werewolf, male, student.
Cadenca de Lupelli; Fox Spirit, female.
Nora Brooks; Demon, female, writer.
Karen Bennett; Human, female, student.
Zachery Bennett; Human, male, student.
Josephine Bonnefoy; Uni, female, model.

* Stardust *
Hoshiko Takamura/Super Nova; Seren; female, student/magical girl/Princess of Serenia.
Sonomi Nishio; Human, female, student.
Akane Nishio/Pulsar; Human, female, student/magical Girl.
Estrellia; Seren; female, Queen of Serenia.
Temujin/Nil; Voidian; male, Lord of the Void.

* Strands of Fate *
Eclipse Kaleiah; Deity, female, trickster/Goddess of Death.
Jeevan Hakim; Deity, male, prophet/God of Life.
Kumari; Deity, female, Goddess of the Sea.
Samiha; Deity, female, Goddess of the Earth.
Dusan; Deity, male, God of the Core.
Saar; Deity, male, God of the Sky.
Asha; Deity, female, Goddess of Time.
Damious Kaleiah; Deity, male, gatekeeper/God of Space.
Asteria Kaleiah; Demi-goddess, female, future Goddess of Light.
Hector Kaleiah; Demi-god, male, future God of Shadows.
Dorian Kaleiah-Hakim; Seidan, male, student.
Destan Kaleiah-Hakim; Deity, male, future God of the Sun.
Ilianya Kaleiah-Hakim; Deity, female, future Goddess of the Moon.
Catori; Dragon, male, guardian.
Ravi; Dragon, male, guardian.
Zoi; Dragon, female, familiar/guardian.
Zeki; Dragon, male, familiar/guardian.
Ruhan; Dragon, male, familiar/guardian.
Pyrali; Phoenix, female, guardian.
Penelope; Phoenix, female, guardian.
Innessa Kaleiah; Demi-goddess, female, oracle.
Olena Kaleiah; Devi, female, chef/retired Kosma Aspida agent.
Cristo Kaleiah; Devi, male, Kosma Aspida grandmaster.
Romulus Kaleiah; Devi,  male, Kosma Aspida agent.
Natalia Kaleiah; Devi, female, student.
Bacchus Kaleiah; Devi, male, bartender/Kosma Aspida agent.
Esme Kaleiah; Magi, female, healer/bartender/Kosma Aspida agent.
Alexia Artino; Devi, female, student/Kosma Aspida agent-in-training.
Cyril Artino; Devi, male, student.
Corene Artino; Devi, female, Kosma Aspida agent.
Phobius Artino; Magi, male, stuntman/actor/Kosma Aspida agent.
Namtar Al Assad; Magi, male, spirit guide, deceased.
Aziya Sisro; Magi, female, sorceress, deceased.
Ideni Hiyan; Magi, female, sorceress/Kosma Aspida agent.
Ezra Asho; Magi, male, Kosma Aspida agent.
Aslin Ura; Magi, female, Kosma Aspida agent.

* Tales of Sidrali *
Oberon Madir; Dwarf, male, King of Madir.
Aireiel Nelésdal; Elf, female, Queen of Madir.
Siegfried Madir; Dwelf, male, Crown Prince of Madir.
Vivian Madir; Dwelf, female, Princess of Madir.
Donaria Madir; Dwelf, female, Princess of Madir.
Emeric Bertok; Gywnion, male, Wizard.
Varrick Dumen; Gywnion, male, wizard.
Lukas Nemu; Gywnion, male, apprentice wizard.
Indra Sinyu; Human, female, guard.
Anirna Falavir; Half-elf, female, bard.
Tanna Falavir; Half-elf, female, herdswoman.
Rodyn Certhas; Human, male, hunter.
Amondil Tinudhen; Elf, male, thief.
Nionanna Tinudhen; Elf, female, druid.
Avani Lennali; Elf, female, druid, Lady of Thalassia.
Iryllia; Centaur, female, sorceress, Lady of Dalania.
Lavan; Centaur, male, warrior, Lord of Dalania.
Thaman Majah; Shade, male, warrior, King of Damek.
Aviva; Fox spirit, female, Spring Guardian.
Behar; Fox spirit, male, Summer Guardian.
Karif; Fox spirit, male, Autumn Guardian.
Yepa; Fox spirit, female, Winter Guardian.
Damia; Deity, female, Mother of Life.
Thrain; Deity, male, Father of Magic.
Palia; Human, female, priestess of Damia.

* A Time of Daegons *
Elenna Pyrremai; Crystal Daegon, female, gem smith/trader.
Orrin Pyrremai; Crystal Daegon, male, metal smith/trader.
Rosalyn Liavarr; Crystal Daegon, female, shrine maiden.
Meria Pyrremai; Crystal Daegon, female, student.
Theo Pyrremai; Crystal Daegon, male, student.
Frey Belcourt; Terra Daegon, male, merchant.
Avielael Ladas; Ember Daegon, female, merchant.
Chael Desai; Serpent Daegon, female, merchant.
Hao Shotsu; Sky Daegon, male, merchant.
Kyoko Hoshimitsu; Water Daegon, female, merchant.
Maylin Ye; Water Daegon, China, female, merchant.
Viggo Hanson; Ember Daegon, Iceland, male, merchant.

* A War of Roses *
Evangeline Tremaine; Etherian, female, apprentice witch/Princess of Rozalia.
Alastair; Etherian, male, wizard/King of Rozalia.
Solaria; Etherian, female, witch.

* Wish Upon a Star *
Sitara; Sky Unicorn, female, star catcher/wish granter.
Sadafa; Horned Fox, female, thief.
Orphee; Starwinged Goat, female, traveler.

* Weapons and Webcasts *
Kory Stryker/Hollow; Human, female, mercenary/animal caretaker.
Sadie Parker; female, toxicologist/animal caretaker.
Nicole Stryker; Human, female, student.
Jackson Stryker; Human, male, hitter.
Kelly Stryker; Human, female,
Taylor Stryker; Human, male, hacker.
David Stryker; Human, male, sniper.

* Unicorn Tales *
Iris Hayes; Uni, Ireland, female, student/magical girl.
Kiandra Hayes; Uni, Ireland, female, student/magical girl.
Tynan Cerena; Uni, Hungary, female, student/magical girl.

Fan Characters

* Adventure Time *
Kitty Witch Princess/Nyania; MagiCat person, female, Princess of the Magi Kingdom.

* Assassin’s Creed *
Marcello Cassius; Human, female, assassin/former gladiator.
Elysia Floriane; Human, female, noble/assassin.
Asyu Turan; Human, female, healer/assassin.
Gustav Halvorson; Human, male, former Templar/assassin.
Katalin Galli; Human, female, assassin.
Giselle Ariane L'Enfant; Human, female, assassin.
Heath Redford; Human, male, assassin/cowboy.
Anastacia Santiago; Human, female, assassin/pirate.
Edom; Merperson, male, fisherman.
Naiara Santiago; Human/Merperson, female, assassin.
Frida Halasz; Human, female, assassin.
Annalise Halasz; Human, female, assassin.
Octavian Bruun; Human, male, assassin.
Esteban Halasz; Human, male, student.
Chiharu Soto; Human, female, student/assassin.

* Avatar: the Last Airbender *
Kaiki; Firebender, female, healer/dragon caretaker/old mother.
Unmei; Firebender, female, scholar.
Hanabi; Firebender, female, warrior.
Kesu; Nonbender, male, warrior.
Hinode; Firebender, male, Sun Warrior Chief.
Nebukai; Earthbender, male, animal tamer.
Hayase; Waterbender, female, healer.
Otama; Waterbender, male, fisherman.
Hasu; Earthbender, female, florist.

* Harry Potter *
Cecilia Callaghan; Half-Selkie, female, student/witch.

* Harvest Moon *
Clover Reid; Human, female, farmer/rancher/former florist.
Sedge Reid; Human, male, student.
Lily Reid; Human, female.

* Hetalia Axis Powers *
Nakita Petrov/Antarctica; Personification, female, scientist/activist.
Marlene Jones/Texas; Personification, female, cattle rancher.

* Inu-yasha *
Junpei; Kitsune daiyokai, male, Lord of the South.
Momoko; Kitsune daiyokai,female, Lady of the South.
Hotaru; Kitsune daiyokai, male, heir.
Shinjiro; Kitsune daiyokai, male, bodyguard.
Hanako; Human, female, assassin.
Akari; Phoenix, female, adviser.
Li Ming; Neko yokai, female, servant.

* Kingdom Hearts *
Tamami Miamoto; Human, female, adventurer.
Sayuri Miamoto; Human, female, keyblade master.
Aiko Miamoto; Human, female, adventurer/student.

* Legend of Korra *
Diya; Firebender, female, ballerina/waitress.
Nuri; Firebender, female, tea shop owner.
Liko; Earthbender, male, jeweler/delivery boy.
Zada; Waterbender, female, ballerina.
Arum; Firebender, male, Sun Warrior Chief.
Xia; Firebender, female, dragon Caretaker.
Haku; Firebender, male, Sun Warrior/chief-in-training.
Aliya; Firebender, female, Sun Warrior.

* Legend of Zelda *
Nura/Mirror Sword; Sword Spirit, 'female', companion.
Azhar/Mirror Shield; Shield Spirit, 'male', companion.
Zephyra/Tempest Sword; Sword Spirit, 'female', companion.
Faulkn Halin; Hylian, male, teacher/sorcerer.
Corvin Tergar; Hylian, male, knight/teacher.
Aloon Tinean; Hylian, male, knight/cartographer.
Coroaline Ladra; Hylian, female, knight.
Lillian Redric; Hylian, female, knight/seamstress.
Melody Adun; Hylian, female, ghost hunter.
Sierra Leydo; Hylian, female, thief.
Boreas Vidan; Hylian, male, blacksmith/former knight.
Jint; Twili, female, jester.
Maia Vidan; Hylian, female.
Akram Casla; Hylian-Gerudo, male, knight.
Janli Kessa; Hylian, female, gemsmith/shopkeeper.
Jamis Kessa; Hylian, male, bombmaker/shopkeeper.
Inaya Tahan; Hylian, female, bartender/apprentice pastry chef.
Kalin; Zora, female, shopkeeper.
Imani; Gerudo, female, thief/archery instructor.
Tzila; Sheikah, female, messenger/scout.
Emera; Hylian, female, ranch hand/sage.
Zarifa; Gerudo, female, dancer/thief.
Ronan; Hylian, male, King of Hyrule.
Ramia; Hylian, female, Queen of Hyrule.
Relena; Hylian, female, Princess of Hyrule/Queen of the Gerudo.
Theron; Hylian, male, Captain of the King's Guard.
Anagim; Hylian, male, King's Adviser.
Fatimah; Geruddo, female, Ganondorf's Second in Command.
Zaila; Gerudo, female, Princess of the Gerudo.
Juban; Whale, male, Patron God of the Zora.
Nahal; Zora, male, King of the Zora.
Rutari; Zora, female, Princess of the Zora.
Chelan; Zora, male, Zora Guard.
Tarin/Deku Tree; Deku, male, Patron God of the Kokiri.
Todo; Kokiri, male, Forest Child.
Tello; Kokiri, male, Forest child.
Adem; Human, male, fisherman, village chief.
Teva; Hylian, female, village healer.
Pyralis; Rock, male, Patron God of the Goron.
Cor Eagon; Goron, male, Elder of the Goron people.
Dolan; Goron, male, Blacksmith.
Calla; Hylian, female, witch, potion maker.
Orphenio; Hylian, male, postman, musician.
Elian; Hylian, male, sorcerer.
Shyam; Sheikah, male, shaman.
Aria; Fairy, female, Great Fairy of Mountain.
Safara; Fairy, female, Great Fairy of the Volcano.
Inara; Fairy, female, Great Fairy of the Desert.
Amaya; Fairy, female, Great Fairy of the Lake.
Iria; Fairy, female, Queen of the Fairies.

* Marvel Universe *
Eria Thorsdóttir/Thunderfrost; Aesir/Jotun, female, princess/superhero.
Soren Thorson; Aesir/Jotun, male, prince.
Brynja Eerosdóttir; Aesir, female, guard/superhero.
Gala Olinsdóttir; Aesir, female, guard/superhero.
Rasmus Gilison; Aesir, male, guard/superhero.
Donar Thorson; Human/Aesir, male, prince/superhero.
Halli Stark/Frostbyte; Human/Jotun, female, scientist/superhero.
Jeneve Stark; Human/Jotun, female, student/child model.
Tabitha Leroy/Rosiya; AI, female, assistant/superhero.
Patton Leroy; Human, male, scientist.
Alexei Barton/Blackhawk; Human, male, agent/superhero.
Elliot Rhimes/White Fox; Human, male, agent/superhero.
Lethia Makarios/Seraphina; Mutant, female, superhero.

* Mortal Kombat *
Mimiko Tomoshio; Vampire, female, writer.
Nadia Kata; Mutant; female, Assassin.
Sydney Parker; Human, female, kombatant.
Toasty; Human, male, Special Forces agent.

* My Little Pony *
Crystal Key; Alicorn Pony, female, princess/diplomat.
Desert Dawn; Alicorn Pony, female, princess/architect.
Imperial Lotus; Pegasus Pony, female, princess/diplomat.
Royal Guardian; Alicorn Pony, female, princess/knight.
Stardust Symphony; Alicornequus, female, princess.
Skyline Specter; Alicornequus, female, princess.
Nox; Alicornequus, male, prince.
Midnight Malum; Alicornequus, female, princess.
Evening Jinx; Alicornequus, female, princess.
Neon Cupcake; Unicorn Pony, female, pastry chef.
Star Spectrum; Unicorn Pony, female, arcade owner.
Stargazer Lily; Earth Pony, female, florist/herbalist.
Citrus Kiss; Earth Pony, female, drink maker.
SugarStar; Pegasus Pony, female, assistant.
SweetNote; Pegasus Pony, female, deliverypony.
Fairy Delight; Pegasus Pony, female, confectioner.
Marshmallow Fudge; Earth Pony, female, assistant.
Chocolate Cakepop; Earth Pony, female, assistant.
Triple Berry Supreme; Unicorn Pony, female, pastry chef.
Sprinkle Surprise; Unicorn Pony, female, student.
Neapolitan Cream; Unicorn Pony, female, assistant.
Prism Petal; Panda Pegasus Pony, female, tea shop owner.
Exotic Rose; Panda Earth Pony, female, assistant.
Thunderclap; Unicorn Pony, female, weatherpony.
Kitten Mittens; Kawaii Vampire Pegasus Pony, female, animal shelter manager.
Swedish Fish; Kawaii Vampire Earth Pony, female, animal shelter manager.
Sunset Scroll; Pegasus Pony, female, cartographer/librarian.
Rainbow Tear; Unicorn Pony, female, artist.
Electric Melody; Unicorn Pony, female, student.
Star Shadow; Pegasus Pony, male, student.
Dandelion Whisper; Pegasus Pony, female, student.
Violet Mirage; Pegasus Pony, male, student.
Emril; Dragon, male, assistant.
Opal; Dragon, female, assistant.
Fira; Dragon, female, assistant.
Lazuli; Dragon, male, assistant.

* Pokémon *
Tasha Elliot; Human, female, trainer.
Eve Powers; Human, female, trainer.
Isabella le Fay; Human, female, trainer/Team Plasma Grunt.

* Revolutionary Girl Utena *
Kaori Hamamoto; Human, female, student/duelist.
Hideki Hamamoto; Human, male, student council member/duelist.
Ayame Muto; Human, female, student council member/duelist.

* Sailor Moon *
Manami Asari/Sailor Vulpecula; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Emiko Asari/Sailor Anser; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Yumiko Nagai/Sailor Monoceros; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Ayumi Sato/Sailor Phoenix; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Kaiya Hattori/Sailor Draco; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Aneko Inihara/Sailor Lupus; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Ayako Inihara/Sailor Lepus; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Konane/Sailor Felis; Mau, female, guardian/Sailor Senshi.
Miya Tachibana/Sailor Pegasus; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Hikaru Inoue/Sailor Apus; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Hoshi/Sailor Canis Major; Anubi, female, guardian/Sailor Senshi.
Inari Hino/Sailor Adrestia; Human/Kinmoku, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Makimi Hino/Sailor Harmonia; Human/Kinmoku, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Chiyo Kou/Sailor Panacea; Human/Kinmoku, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Shiori Meiou/Sailor Melinoe; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Callista Asteri/Sailor Castor; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Petra Asteri/Sailor Pollux; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Akemi Natsume/Sailor Pandora; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Manae Kato/Sailor Persephone; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Maki Nakamura/Sailor Athena; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Arisa Hayashi/Sailor Amphitrite; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Niyu Saito/Sailor Ariadne; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Nalini Shukla/Sailor Sahasrara; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Chantal Aragón/Sailor Solar Eclipse; Human, Monaco, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Aveline Bouvier/Sailor Lunar Eclipse; Human, France, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Jingjing/Sailor Neon Panda; Human, Unknown, female, Sailor Animamate/DJ.
Zhen Jiang/Sailor Long; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.
Li Hua Tian/Sailor Ma; Human, female, Sailor Senshi/student.

* Sonic the Hedgehog *
Chessie; Cat Mobian, female, DJ.

* Star Wars *
Ty'lynna Ulmec; Togruta, female, dark jedi.

* Steven Universe *
Pink Diamond; Gem, female, Crystal Gem.

* Super Mario Bros. *
Cream Sorbet; Human, female, Princess of the Sherbet Kingdom.
Chimere Nuage; Human, female, Princess of the Dream Cloud Kingdom.
Candy Flossianna; Human, female, Princess of the Fairy Floss Kingdom.
Peppermint Chip; Human, male, Prince of the Ice Cream Kingdom.

* Team Fortress 2 *
Eileen Hoffman; Human, female, Red Engineer.
Donna Lewis; Human, female, Red Sniper.
Claire Moreau; Human, female, Red Spy.
Derek Evans; Human, male, Red Sniper.
Brian Conagher; Human, male, Red Engineer.
Pierre Dupont; Human, male, Blu Spy.
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